Construction Services

Payahoor treats every single project as a “one-of-a-kind” project. Therefore, we tailor our construction services to meet the particular requirements of the client. The quality of our finished constructions speaks for itself.

Our Construction Services include:

  • Pre-construction
  • construction
  • Post-Construction

Pre-Construction Services


In the pre-construction stage, decisions are made to summarize project intent, design, cost objectives and schedules. At this stage, we try to create a bridge between client expectations and construction realities.

This way, as the design phase proceeds, if there are changes required the designer’s initial intention or initial concept of the project is not compromised and stays intact.

Our Pre-Construction services include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Permitting
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Subcontractor Solicitation
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Alternative Pricing
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis


The contractor’s early participation in the construction stage is the key to a project’s success. From the very beginning, Payahoor joins forces with other team members to help to lower the number of unidentified variables. This way we can prevent conflicts and difficulties before they create unwanted costs and project delays.

We work closely with the architects, engineers and the owner of the project to optimize project design, create an accurate schedule and prepare and control the cost break down. We pursue competitive bids from all vendors to assure that owners receive the best value from the most competent subcontractors.

Our construction services include:

  • Detailed Schedules
  • Design and Systems Evaluation
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Safety Programming
  • Quality Control Program
  • Self-Performed Work
  • Communication System
  • Cost Management
  • Field Supervision


After completion of the project, the Payahoor team will make sure that the clients have had the best possible experience with the construction process.
We offer:

  • Internal Punch List
  • Owner Punch List
  • Owner Manual
  • As-Built Drawings
  • System Commissioning
  • Operating System Manual
  • Warranty Service

Project Delivery Methods

Project Delivery Methods
Payahoor is there from project pre-stages to the end. Our construction specialists can carry the project from idea to finishing point employing any number of delivery methods designed to give the client a project finished to their absolute and total satisfaction. From delivery methods of General Contracting to Design & Build and Management Contracting, Payahoor stands prepared to accomplish client’s project goals flawlessly.

General Contracting

General Contracting
In an old-style design-bid-build arrangement, Payahoor joins the project near the ending of the design stage. Our panel arranges for total quality management, scheduling, cost study and control, subcontractor management, and information administration as well as shop drawing analysis and post-construction procedures. We deliver general contracting services, whether on an agreed contract or bid base.

Design & Build

Design and Build
Payahoor presents unique value for customers who favor to work with a single source for design and construction. This style simplifies the delivery process and pushes the project ahead on a fast-track basis. It additionally offers clients the extra confidence that Payahoor will be totally responsible for all phases of the building process and the well-functioning of the facility after completion.
Design and Build

Management Contracting

Management contracting is an technique to help the client to stay in charge of the design and build construction of the project, as a part of the professional team. Payahoor, as a leading construction company, provides highly professional management teams with a wide variety of expertise required to effectively manage and deliver multibillion dollar projects. We are capable of delivering professional project management and contracting services from initiation to finishing point of the project.
Management Contracting

    These services include:

  • Overall supervision of the project
  • Project supervision for the design process (PSDP)
  • Project supervision for the construction stage (PSCS)
  • Co-Ordination control of the design and supervision teams
  • Time scheduling
  • Monitoring of construction progress and providing reports
  • Preparation of tender and contract documents for sub-contractors
  • Evaluation of tender documents and offers of the sub-contractors
  • Procurement of materials and sourcing vendors
  • Cost management and estimation
  • Full financial management services including payment certification, cost control, cost reporting and final accounting
  • Controlling quality of services and materials
  • Qualification and selection of sub-contractors
  • Providing quality assurance services
  • Monitoring and certifying the job for conformity with construction documents and design intent
  • Management of all aspects of health & safety on site
  • Helping in recruiting and training of construction workers
  • Providing procedure and policy for project execution

Engineering and Architecture

Payahoor provides innovative and cost-effective engineering services, shaped to meet client criteria and budgets. These services are supervised by a team of professionals expert in different areas. Our aim is to create safe, efficient and economic designs, from the conceptual stage through detailed design and construction. At all stages we work closely with the client’s team to acquire proper solutions to guarantee a successful project.

feasibility study analysis

Feasibility Studies

Payahoor has the experience and proficiency to complete feasibility studies to assist customers in recognizing the practicality and cost efficiency of a suggested project. These studies include:

  • Cost and Economy analysis
  • Process evaluations
  • Project development
  • Site surveys
  • Process simulations

Engineering & Design

Payahoor team has years of engineering and design experience with many projects completed. Our staff is committed to deliver high quality, fast, and cost effective engineering and design solutions to meet customers’ needs. These solutions include the followings:

Design and Architectural Services

Design and Architectural Services

Payahoor’s design and architecture division uses best tools to create quality design on time and on budget. We recognize any design requirements clients may have including:

  • Architectural design of various of residential, commercial, industrial buildings, etc.
  • Urban design and urban planning studies
  • Interior design
  • Environment and Landscape Architecture
  • Resident Engineering
  • Contract Document
  • Design Option Analysis
  • Bid Document preparation
  • Bid Analysis and Estimation
  • Construction Specifications
  • Claims Analysis
  • Check-out, start-up & commissioning assistance
  • Permit
  • Document control and design review

Structural and Civil Engineering Services

Structural and Civil Engineering Services

Payahoor’s structural engineering services include:

  • Foundations and retaining wall design
  • Steel and reinforced concrete structures
  • Excavation bracing
  • Structures for special purposes
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Access roads and parking lots
  • Site development and grading plans
  • Hydraulics
  • Erosion & flood contro

Facilities Engineering

Payahoor’s facilities engineering services include:

  • Facility (Mechanical and Electrical) layout & planning
  • Facility sizing
  • Equipment layout
  • Piping layout
  • Space utilization

Geo-technical and Test Services

Geo-technical and Test Services

Payahoor’s Geo-technical and Test Services include:

  • Geo-technical studies
  • Geological studies
  • Geo-technical studies of seismic
  • Site risk studies
  • Soil and concrete testing
  • Concrete mix design preparation

Topography and GIS Services

Payahoor’s Topography  and GIS Services include:

  • Topographic mapping
  • Earth point locating with GPS
  • Photogrammetry
  • Preparing DSM, DTM, DEM

Special Engineering Services

Special Engineering Services

Payahoor has the knowledge and expertise to offer the following special services to improve process efficiency:

  • New technology development
  • Plant optimization
  • Simulation & 3-D modeling