Company Values

Service Excellence

Payahoor Company Values

At Payahoor, Service excellence means being able to understand clients’ needs and to offer solutions in a professional manner. We are dedicated to satisfy clients and to meet their unrecognized requirements. We carry on learning and improving our services as we endeavor for excellence in every area.


At Payahoor, sustainability means the long-standing upkeep of responsibility toward environment, economy and society, all in protecting the society values and ethics. For us accomplishment is more than the financial and economic outcomes. We are also concerned that how our projects meet the requirements of the users bearing in mind their environmental influences and contribution to the growth of the community.


At Payahoor, commitment is the essence of our willpower. It is the fact that empowers our dedication to the job and finally it is what motivates our determination to achieve an excellent standard in our work. It is our commitment to consistently deliver valuable services for our stakeholders and that is an obligation that we take very seriously.


At Payahoor, we try to detect the best means to bring high quality services with the most efficient use of our resources. We deliver advance solutions that are time efficient as well as cost efficient for our customers. We believe that we can offer the most modern and most efficient construction methods by optimizing our financial and physical resources and simplifying and improving our process of work continuously.


At Payahoor, integrity is assumed the basis of a good reputation and a main ingredient for real success in life and in business. So, we try to maintain integrity in our relations with each other, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Believing in integrity, we employ the highest ethical criteria, establishing trustworthiness and fairness in every action that we take.


At Payahoor, all we build, and all we do, must be as fine as they can be. We are devoted to offer high quality service and use high quality products for our clients in order to add value to their investment. It is an established concept that superior quality leads to customer satisfaction. So, we constantly improve quality throughout every aspect of our organization by our continual innovation and spirit of integration.


At Payahoor safety is the most significant part of any job we do, weather on the construction sites or in our offices. We believe in the safety of our employees and other stakeholders and in the fact that accident prevention is essential in maintaining an efficient operation. We stand behind the idea that, no job is that urgent to sacrifice the safely.