Payahoor applies the most adaptable and up-to-date industrialized building methods in its constructions. We take pride in being one of the leading IBS providers in the region.

Payahoor industrialized buildings are not only practical and long-lasting, but also attractive. IBS methods allows us to build any kind of structures even complicated designs.

Due to IBS system, we are competitive cost wise and the construction is considerably faster. Some of our distinct IBS methods are:

  1. Tunnel and other modular Formwork Systems
  2. Flying Table System
  3. LSF and 3D Panel systems
  4. Buildings with UPVC doors and windows
  5. Reinforced concrete structure system with shearing wall and precast columns
  6. Hollow Core Slab systems

Payahoor IBS System

Benefits of Payahoor IBS System:


  • Flexibility of design
  • Speed of construction
  • Quality of finished product
  • On-site safety
  • Possibility of working with unskilled/semi-skilled labor