Our Business and Interests


Arash Building

Construction of high-quality buildings is Payahoor major concern. Payahoor has always designed unique buildings based on clients’ requirements, meeting community’s needs. Payahoor designs and builds:

  • Commercial and Industrial buildings such as factory plants, shopping centers and banks
  • Residential buidlings and districts
  • Cultural buildings, such as concert halls, museums, libraries, theatres and cinemas
  • Hospitality buildings such as hotels, conference halls, and restaurants
  • Sport facilities like stadiums and tennis courts
  • Health care buildings like hospitals
  • Educational and research buildings such as schools, universities and labs

Payahoor is proud of presenting its clients state-of-the-art and unique buildings.


Another valuable part of Payahoor’s work experience is in infrastructure projects. Payahoor has an extensive experience with various types important infrastructure projects including:

  • Dams and water supply systems
  • Water treatment, sewage collection, and waste water disposal facilities
  • Water canals
  • Road and Freeway networks comprising structures (tunnel, bridge, retaining wall)
  • Public transport systems
  • Sport and recreational infrastructure, such as parks and playgrounds
  • Natural gas pipelines, storage and distribution terminals
  • Petroleum pipelines, including storage and distribution terminals
  • Material recycling structures