Payahoor Construction System

Payahoor Construction System

Considering the increasing need for accommodation in most of the developing countries, Payahoor company has come to the decision to create an exceptional construction system to satisfy these needs. Therefore, to find the best possible system and suitable for various climates many new construction methods were analyzed by our company.

After years of studying and researching, eventually Payahoor Construction System was created by combining several construction methods and structures and centering on the following bases:

Structural Design

  • Applying Concrete Load Bearing Shear Walls
  • Applying Double Slab Concrete Floors

Payahoor construction system

Building System

  • Applying modern and modular slip forms for walls and flying tables for ceilings
  • Exploiting Cast-in-place and monolithic concrete for all structure parts (walls, ceilings, stair etc …)

Benefits of Payahoor Construction System

  1. A cost-effective system for construction
  2. The system features that reduce the building costs include the followings:

    • Applying Concrete Load Bearing Shear Walls
    • Due to the smooth, flat and accurate concrete finish, only a thin coat of plaster or paint is required for the finishing of the walls and ceilings.
    • Possibility of using light gypsum panels or cement walls

  3. An outstanding system for fast construction and fast capital recovery
  4. Considering the fast construction with this system, faster income from the project can be considered for the investors.

  5. A system durable for a century
  6. Payahoor Construction System provides buildings resistant to environmental effects. We believe that one of the characteristics of a high-quality building is its long term durability.

    • Cast-in-place structure construction
    • We consider concrete as one of the most functional and suitable building materials in the world, and that is the reason why all the structural parts such as load–bearing walls, floor slabs and beams in our construction system are made of concrete using the cast-in-place method. This construction system increases the life time of the buildings to over one hundred years which is almost three times life time of a building built with traditional methods.

    • Providing the strongest earthquake proof structures

    Considering the fact that, in this construction method, the structure consists of concrete load bearing shear walls not using any masonry materials, this construction system is lighter than traditional methods and therefore earthquake resistant.
    construction system-Flying table system

  7. Applying Flying table system
  8. This system is a cost effective modular formwork system for the successive casting of concrete floors. It’s ideal for multi story buildings and is designed to minimize construction times, labor and material costs.

  9. Using Modular Forms
  10. Payahoor Construction System has managed to employ the most efficient methods and equipment of formwork to accelerate the building process and reduce the cost.
    construction system-Modular Forms

    construction system-Modular Forms

    construction system-Modular Forms

    construction system-Modular Forms

    construction system-Modular Forms

    Comparison Table
    Construction Methods
    Payahoor Construction System
    (Concrete Load Bearing Shear Wall with Double Slab Concrete Floor)
    Precast Concrete Steel or Concrete Structure with Filler joist Composite floor Bearing Wall and Barrel-Vault with Block & Brick Building Type
    • 70% faster than the other methods
    • High Quality
    • Cost effective
    • Earthquake resistant
    • Flexible to use in different kinds of projects
    • Large spans
    • Less labors
    • Easier finishing
    • Because of high cost of site equipment, it’s only suitable for large projects
    • Transportation and start-up costs are very high
    • It has high quality

    Not Common.

    Only where the bearing wall can’t be used it is acceptable

    Most common, Slow Construction, Costly work force, Unsafe

    Single Story

    Slow and costly It can be used without concrete framed joist

    Two Story

    The most applied method in the world Not Suitable Structurally

    Three to Six Story

    Losing of favor due to joint problems It’s slow
    It’s costly
    Not Suitable Structurally

    High Rise Buildings